Learning sessions to get you thinking big and taking action.

Series 1: Responsible Fashion and You


This course is designed to take you through fashion’s social and environmental impacts from a holistic perspective. We’ll uncover the history, context and progress of the responsible fashion movement and look at strategies to help leaders implement, measure and communicate change.


This course is for anyone that wants a greater understanding of the responsible fashion space and develop their own approach to being part of the push for change. It is particularly well aligned to communicators, brand owners, leadership teams and sustainability professionals. Anyone with an interest in responsible fashion, working inside or outside the industry, will also benefit from taking part.

Session 1 | 90 mins

The Big Fashion Picture

Develop a solid understanding of the responsible fashion landscape: who
is saying what, where the pressure to change is coming from and how
leading brands are reacting.

Session 2 | 90 mins

Where You Come Into It

Create a vision for more positive impact and how to prioritise
touchpoints for change that make sense for your role in fashion.

Session 3 | 90 mins

Setting Intentions

Understand how to set objectives, goals and targets so you can
continually push to change fashion over time.

Session 4 | 90 mins

Making a Plan

Design roadmaps to achieve your targets and identify the tools to support your journey, from training and partnerships to measuring impact.

Session 5 | 90 mins

Communicating Change

Learn how to communicate about your social and environmental approach
with clarity and confidence through your personal and professional


This course is designed to help you understand your role in the fashion system, your ability to affect positive change and tools to create your own approach to taking action.

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Series 2: Responsible Fashion in Practice


In this series, we’ll explore conventional and innovative fashion systems, looking at the raw materials, product
development, manufacturing and sourcing practices that drive fashion’s impact. We’ll help you take a
personalised approach to solutions, outlining best practice materials, certifications and production processes
implemented by industry leaders and look at how brands can forge new pathways and deliver systems change.
This series is well suited to product professionals including designers, product developers, buyers and retailers.
Anyone working inside or outside the fashion industry will also benefit from taking part.

Session 1 | 90 mins

Fashion & sustainability in context

An overview of ethical fashion practice, fashion systems & common injustices from unmitigated growth to cultural appropriation.

Session 2 | 90 mins

Creative accountability

A look at your individual role
in fashion and map your impact contribution and
change making potential across the value chain.

Session 3 | 90 mins

Materials in transition

Discover the social and environmental impacts of the key ingredients in fashion, the raw materials, and find ways to realign with them for good.

Session 4 | 90 mins

Producing with integrity

Learn how to spot social and
environmental risks in the production process and implement manufacturing models that benefit people and planet.

Session 5 | 90 mins

Future facing fashion

Review product lifecycles and uncover creative and original approaches to forging new business models and reimagining your value chain.


This series is designed to inspire new thinking around the fundamental elements of producing clothing. For
those new to the topics it offers fresh perspectives and for those already familiar with the themes we anticipate
a deepened understanding and renewed commitment to creating practical change.

Please review our Webinar Privacy Policy before booking or attending a session. 

Sprint Sessions – Coming Soon


Our intensive knowledge episodes, delivered by our network of specialist industry allies will also be available soon!

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