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The Right Project is a personal and professional development space. We’re here to help you navigate sustainability with clarity and confidence. 
The more we shift our attention to social and ecological well-being in the fashion industry, the quicker we can apply solutions and see real change in the way fashion works. 
Join us in learning, re-imagining and creating change.

We have been working in the responsible fashion space for over two decades, witnessing the growing importance of social justice, environmental stewardship, supply chain transparency and the call for a new fashion system. 

Roxanne Houshmand-Howell

Roxanne is an entrepreneur, a brand and business advisor with 20 years experience in the clothing industry, specialising in responsible fashion. Inspired by over 12 years working at Katharine Hamnett, Roxanne launched The Right Project in 2014 as a collaborative approach to supporting fashion professionals and brands in aligning all aspects of their business with a positive vision for change. Roxanne’s talent is building networks and providing senior counsel to industry leaders. Roxanne is passionate about business purpose and works with designers, brands, suppliers, academic institutions and charities to bring this to life across their operations.

Joss Whipple

Joss is a responsible materials specialist with expertise in environmental standards, sourcing and systems change. Since 2000 she’s been an instigator in many spotlight initiatives including Estethica at London Fashion Week, The Green Carpet Challenge and Fashion Revolution. Joss has worked with The Right Project since its beginnings. Supporting clients to explore their existing operations and to implement effective solutions across their operations, she continues to work from a place of curiosity, conviction and lived experience.

We are The Right Project


Words from clients

"The Right Project are an exceptional group of people who have worked with us at Ninety Percent for the past four years. They have added amazing value to the learning of our internal team at many levels. Their experience and in-depth knowledge with integrity, helped us to define our processes with clarity that includes sustainability, sourcing, strategy and not least in their networking. I would highly recommend them to any company."

Shafiq Hassan

Founder, Ninety Percent

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