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1st Nov 2021 | 7 PM GMT

Fossil Fashion report by Changing Markets

Today’s fashion industry has become synonymous with overconsumption, a snowballing waste crisis, widespread pollution and the exploitation of workers in global supply chains. What is less well known is that the insatiable fast fashion business model is enabled by cheap synthetic fibres. We'll come together to discuss findings and solutions. 


15th Nov 2021 | 7 PM GMT

Solidarity in Secondhand Supply Chains

A panel discussion that explores the social and environmental issues within the global secondhand fashion supply chain with the people working within it: brands, designers, waste managers and market traders. This part of the fashion supply chain is often overlooked in 'circularity' conversations as we look to brands for the answers. The conversation gets to the heart of the challenges and solutions from people living and working within this part of the supply chain.


13th Dec 2021 | 7 PM GMT

Consumed by
Aja Barber

Consumed: On Colonialism, Climate Change, Consumerism and the Need for Collective Change, is a blazing polemic against both the exploitation and injustice of the fashion industry and the cynical manipulation of consumer culture as a whole, Barber’s vital book is a clarion call for fundamental change in how we live our lives. Let's unpack it!