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We’ve launched this club as an opportunity for us to come together and keep up with the latest developments in responsible fashion. Sharing thoughts, ideas and inspiration about what it takes for the industry to change.

Content, be that films, books, podcasts, webinars and reports in this space are coming thick and fast and time is of the essence. We sift through it all and choose the best content to keep our feet on the ground and momentum for change going.


How to join the club: 

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  3. Get together to discuss!

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RWL Schedule



Monday, April 4th, 8pm GMT

FashMash - Regenerative Capitalism with John Elkington

Growth is a topic of huge interest to us at The Right Project as ultimately it limits the impact that any of us can have on the journey to a sustainable fashion industry. Whether it's green growth, deep growth or degrowth, what we are looking for is an answer to how we can have an economically viable industry that is not ecologically destructive.

This important conversation between @fashmash and @johnbelkington adds to the debate. @rachel_arthur and John discuss the state of our economies, societies and communities and why we need to regenerate systems that all life on earth are dependent upon, instead of trying to patch up the ones that do not collectively serve us.

Come and join us from 8 - 9pm on April 4th to chat about whether this is even possible and how can we bring about the cultural mindset shift that's needed?


Monday, May 2nd, 8pm GMT

Global Fashion Agenda - Scaling Circularity

Despite how often we hear the phrase circularity in fashion communications, it is still in the proof of concept stage and right now, does not address the issues of fashion waste and exploitation equitably.

This new report from the Global Fashion Agenda examines the opportunities and investment required to scale circular fashion systems. In particular, it looks at lessons learned from the Circular Fashion Partnership's first multi-stakeholder pilot project in Bangladesh.

We are most interested in the reports ability to benefit all stakeholders involved in creating and managing fashion waste, particularly the 'informal economy', those people and communities at the frontlines of overwhelming clothing waste flows.

Come and join us from 8 - 9pm on May 2nd to chat about what the reports findings and how they can be applied to our day-today work as industry professionals.


Monday, June 6th, 8pm GMT

Microfibre Consortium - The Industry Roadmap

With over 60% of our clothing globally made from synthetic fibres, The Microfibre 2030 Commitment is a long overdue but nonetheless vital roadmap with a big ambition to stem the flow of clothing microfibres into our water, air and soil.

It is 'a global commitment to work towards zero impact from fibre fragmentation from textiles to the natural environment by 2030' and lays out a step-by-step guide as to how how industry collaborators aim to achieve it together.

Come and join us from 8 - 9pm on June 6th to chat about their proposed plan of action and the dilemma of synthetics fibre dominance in modern clothing production.

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