Sunshine Bertrand, Founder, Sunshine Bertrand

'Over the past 12 months, the team at The Right Project guided our design studio through a carefully considered and tailored process of what sustainability means to us as individuals and as a business. We came to them feeling overwhelmed and frustrated yet via a journey with much patience and dedication, we are now equipt with the tools to influence our industry from the inside, with some interesting connections to industry leaders.
We worked collaboratively on a toolkit that has already proven to clearly be an asset on our process of becoming more responsible designers and producers in the eyewear market.
Roxy and Joss are a resource worth their weight in (ethically sourced) gold, I would recommend to anyone at any stage of their mission to make this world a better place'


Bushera Bashir, Founder, Trebene

'Roxy from the Right Project is an incredibly astute business consultant. She has this innate ability to connect to people, businesses and their stories. A quick thinker, she is always on a mission to uncover and understand the heart of a story and then pursues tirelessly to share it with the world. Roxy is that person who will attentively hear your story and suddenly you have emails from her connecting you to the most suitable people who will take your business or brand forward. She has been an asset in TREBENE's journey in the UK. We couldn't have found a much better partner in London. Thank you, Roxy, for having a heart of gold and for the incredible role you've played in our journey'.


Cora Hilts, Co-Founder, Rêve En Vert

'Working with Jocelyn Whipple through the Right Project was a great decision to have made when starting my own line, REV by Rêve En Vert. They were incredibly efficient and worked to our needs and budget in order to get things started. Jocelyn herself was incredibly knowledgable in sourcing, materials and the overall needs of ethical fashion. She made herself readily available to us whilst we were working with her and followed up after we had finished our contract. I felt it was support I couldn't have started without and can't recommend working with the Right Project enough! '


Ravi, Ruaab

'In very short space of time, I felt Roxanne gave us some serious help for our social enterprise, Ruaab Sewa, her contacts helping us in building a sustainable supply chain model'


Daniel Puddick, Founder, Sundried.

'For Sundried we wanted to have impeccable ethical values. As well as our partnership with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund to get things right I knew I needed to work with a leading ethical consultancy. The Right Project ran garment production workshops to help steer us within the complicated field of ethical production. They also provided Sundried with research material and guides. To work with The Right Project was not only a pleasant experience but mind opening and really helped us with so many decisions.  Their research still continues to guide us'


Charlotte Hall, Communications, Ecoalf.

'The Right Project has rightfully established itself as the 'go to' resource for conscious fashion strategy. Roxy's targeted experience and in-depth knowledge of the entire process from production and sourcing to marketing, PR and wholesale is extraordinary and on point. She has been instrumental in aligning brand vision with ethical values and putting them into practice. What The Right Project offers is an opportunity for businesses to enter the ethical conversation with both integrity and authenticity - and a chance to make a valuable change to both their brand and the fashion industry as a whole'


Hollie de Cruz, Creator, YESMUM.

'Roxy has been fundamental in the way I’ve set up and grown my business over the last five years. Her expertise and insight into conscious consumerism has been worth its weight in gold and enabled me to build a company that is both successful and impacting positive change in a wider community. Her contacts and connections, and the generosity with which she shares them, has meant I’ve been able to access experts that work in a complementary way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Right Project to anyone looking to start something that matters'


Giorgina Whittaker, Founder, Sample London

'We use The Right Project as a go to for advice on all things sustainable. There is no one better placed to offer support on this topic and connect us with the right people to our business. The world is changing and whenever we have a question about sustainability or want to work with brands in a way that is socially responsible we will always turn to Roxanne. We have seen it happening; the initiatives she is driving are becoming ‘normalised’, things she has talked about for years. It is because of this that we value any project that we work on together; she brings a freshness to ideas that are second to none'


Rosa Hirsch-Holland, Founder, Rosa Bloom.

'Roxy was wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable, and clearly genuinely passionate about her work, and about connecting people.  I came away from our chat with a long list of people to connect with, and brands with best practice to get in touch with or research.  She recommended a session with Jocelyn Whipple, who gave excellent detailed and tailored advice about ways of making my production more environmentally friendly, and how to have a more positive impact on the people who are involved at every stage.  As a relatively small homegrown label, I have in the past found that advice around environmental and ethical issues has felt too non-specific or difficult to translate to the scale and nature of my business – however I felt that Jocelyn really took the time to understand how my business works, and tailored her advice to take into account the scale, idiosyncrasies, and constraints that are specific to my business.  She was also very encouraging and positive about what can feel like quite a daunting journey on which to embark, and I came away from the session feeling informed, empowered, and motivated'

Anna Murray, Founder, Patternity.

'Roxy has been a big part of the PATTERNITY journey so far. Not only has she supported our creative vision with her energy, enthusiasm and insight but she has also made some integral introductions to her unique and powerful network of brands, industry specialists and changemakers. Projects including collaborations with The Environmental Justice Foundation, Chris Connors / BeBox and talks with Fashion Revolution would not have been possible without her connective powers! I feel proud to know Roxy -  both as an industry powerhouse and a personal friend'


Help Refugees

'Roxy supported Help Refugees from the start in supporting us to source and produce our ethically made CHOOSE LOVE t-shirts. Selling the t-shirts has not only provided us with a vital source of funding but has also been key to our messaging and the promotion of the charity as a whole and the work that we do'


Katharine Hamnett, Designer and Founder, Katharine Hamnett

'Roxanne Houshmand is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with; motivated, incredibly well connected,intelligent, tireless, creative, loyal, doggedly tenacious, informed,honest, brilliant, funny. efficient, effective, caring and kind. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone'


Rebecca Attwood and Alice Ross, Founders, Forivor

'This summer we launched a really successful Kickstarter campaign for our children’s bedding brand Forivor and are now waiting for our first collection to send out to our customers. We’ve won two awards and received some incredible press and none of this would have been possible without Roxy’s matchmaking powers. Roxy understood our strengths and the distinct needs we both had in order to collaborate and saw an opportunity to bring us together. Since getting started Roxy has always been on hand to offer invaluable advice and support from production through to networking opportunities. As well as starting a business that has had a fantastic start, we’ve become great friends too. What more could you ask for?'


Rob Drake-Knight, Co-Founder, Rapanui

'Roxy has made some amazing introductions for us at Rapanui that have made a huge difference to our business and our social impact programme, through these introductions we've been able to scale our Teemill platform and work with more charities, causes and businesses'