We provide advisory services to a diverse range of brands at every stage of their journey. 

Our successful format includes workshop sessions which cover design thinking, product and process, sourcing and ethical policy definition through to communicating your progress to your audience. 

We start with a discovery session identifying the challenges that your idea, brand or organisation currently faces. We then curate a series of further workshops based on your budget, resulting in a strategy and a toolkit that supports the future growth of your idea, brand and organisation. 

Core sessions include:

Design thinking

Distilling and capturing the key principles specific to your brand, product category and material profiles. 

Product and Process

Assessment of current thinking around design, product development and production practices.

Understanding sourcing and materials

Defining strategy for materials selection criteria and decision making.

Ethical policy definition and implementation

Defining and writing your brand approach to social and environmental applications and ethos


We will support you in communicating your ethos to your audience including industry peers, press and consumers.