What we do

We are uniquely positioned to draw on our collective skills to add value and offer support to your business. We start this process by exploring your brand, project, or talent and identifying a forward thinking approach to achieve your desired goals. We support responsible and sustainable sourcing, design, product development and distribution. Our collective provides experience across multiple disciplines and access to a global network of contacts.

We have devised ways to support businesses, brands and talent in a series of sessions curated and directed by our team. Our successful format for brands we have recently partnered with includes:

1. The Discovery sessions

Online workshops to discuss your brand and business. 

For businesses working within the fashion industry we have specifically designed to support needs. We support at many points in a brand build, including advising individual talents aspiring for knowledge and support to grow and develop their mindset. These sessions are focused on research and development, a way to define viable ethical and environmental solutions. We will lead this area supporting an understanding of the key issues around ethical and environmental sourcing, design, product management and production. This knowledge will support your brand and business to identify appropriate partners for collaboration from raw materials to manufacturing. The outcome will be your 'Ethical Policy Toolkit',  a vital resource, that will remain at the core of future projects.

This supply chain and product development advisory will cover areas such as:

Design thinking

Distilling and capturing the key principles specific to your brand. How to communicate sustainability with your suppliers and clients. 

Product and design assessment

Look at current design, product management, and production practices with an overview on materials currently used.

Sourcing and materials selections and signatures

Understanding and defining the broader terms for materials and the standards and selection process required. This work will then become the content for the Materials Standards Position. For example "Packaging is always dual purpose and made from recyclable materials".

Ethical policy definition and implementation

Every organisation has a slightly different one that speaks specifically to their operations and values. This is about defining and writing out the stand point and approach that your brand will follow in regards to social and environmental matters related to your work. It doesn't have to be long but it does have to be precise. It can be an internal and an external document. E.g: ‘BrandX have chosen to work only with suppliers that are certified by BodyX, further more they will only be sourcing materials from renewable resources and with X standard of chemical input ‘

Creative sustainable stories

This session is around how we will support you in communicating your brand moving forward, what stories can be supplied to partners, press and your clients and consumers. How to engage further business opportunities whilst supporting potential new clients navigating this new area of business. We consider what we have learnt about existing supply chains, transparency on existing practice and development of new strategies that might not necessarily be disruptive to existing supply chains, carefully manage existing design reputation with added potential to produce collections in a responsible way.

2. Brand Partnerships

Once this ‘toolkit’ is defined, we will support your business in communicating its core values for own branded design, co-branded and licensed products moving forward. Desirable products made responsibly will become the default items associated with your brand. We will support this area of business by deepening third party relationships you have,  facilitating  discussions that embed sustainable practice and standards into future successful partnerships. We will explore and develop partner and consultancy opportunities with the luxury brand market, third party retailers, manufacturers, brands and charities where there is a potential interest.

3. Current projects

TRP is available to look at the current business and brand activities.

4. Fees

Fees will be negotiated once we have an agreed scope of work in place.