Resilient Research

Resilient Research talk is hosted by University of the Arts London as part of the London Design Festival. Supported by The Right Project.

You are invited to this wonderful event at Chelsea School of Art on the 24th September 2015!

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Speaker Profiles & Abstracts

Dr Louise Valentine
Head of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for the College of Arts, Science and Engineering, University of Dundee.

Dr Louise Valentine is a designer working with people from creative arts business, charities, education and voluntary organisations to research, develop and test concepts as way of improving performance and helping society increase their wellbeing. Recent projects include the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts (2011-2014), a £7 million fund to support collaboration between organisations with arts projects, technology providers and researchers.

The Heartbeat of Cultural Change: Enterprise Research (by Design) in the Creative Arts

Creativity is a constant variable. It is innately dynamic and its lively temperament enables us to conceive of ingenious ideas, navigate new territories, and realise the true potential of our human minds. For many people and communities in the Creative Arts, the wild, uninhibited dance is the essence of their wellbeing. Freedom and uncertainty are native values, as is independent collaboration.

The significant societal changes taking place across the world, and the new forms of leadership emerging are demanding a rethink of the very premise of Creative Arts and its future responsibilities. At its heart, is major cultural change: increasingly, it is faced with developing the role of artists as human welfare strategists, as well as drivers of sustainable economic growth and innovation.

Today, the enterprising and entrepreneurial capabilities of the sector are the premise of a new research pathway. There is an exigency towards harnessing the lateral thinking and making capacity of the Arts within trans-disciplinary working, on global issue such as Anti-Microbial Resistance and Social Equity, for example.

What one thing can we each do to enhance human welfare, inspire and invigorate creative wellbeing in our everyday lives.

Chris Connors

Chris Connors is a creative director, mentor, coach and meditation teacher, with complementary expertise bridging the worlds of design, luxury, wellbeing, trend forecasting and philanthropy.

Chris has been trusted by many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and brand owners to steer the creative vision of ground breaking new projects. For the past 15 years he has asked the deeper questions of himself about what informs his inspiration, purpose and creativity as he searches for solutions for a better quality of life both personally and globally.

Mastering Mindfulness: New Thinking for Creative Futures

Mindfulness is now widely being recognised as a powerful tool for personal development, but according to Leadership Coach and Creative Innovator, Chris Connors, it is also a key approach for collaboration and creativity. Recent scientific reports show that when you change your mind with mindfulness, you also change your brain and its plasticity, leaving a sensation of less isolated thinking and greater unified collaborative approach.

Chris will show the audience the career pathway that gave him this insight, through his own story as creative director of brands across several industry sectors: fashion (i.e. uniform (2002 British Fashion Award winner), Comme des Garcons, Martin Margiela), interiors (Fornasetti) and luxury (Prada). Chris has now carved his niche ‘conscious coaching’ business using the phenomenon of mindfulness for the core InStill program.


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