In October 2014, ethical label Traidremade unveiled a very special collaboration with Olivia Hegarty, designer for Soho based men’s wear brand Percival, who has created a limited edition collection of men and women’s wear for Traidremade.

Every piece has been created in UK factories using only reclaimed textiles including donations of waste and surplus fabrics from the factories and mills of luxury brands, to create high quality, sustainably produced clothing.

The Men’s collection – Percival for Traidremade - includes bestselling Percival patterns; a pea coat cut from Melton wool and cashmere camel, a selection of check shirts in soft brushed cotton, outer-shirts in block colours and checks, slim-cut trousers with Percival's unique fit and fine wool unstructured slim-cut blazers. Retail prices start at £115.

The Women’s collection - Olivia Hegarty for Traidremade - features luxurious outerwear including an oversized coat and blazer and a sharp playsuit. Retail prices start at £120.

Maria Chenoweth-Casey, Traidremade founder and CEO of the fashion reuse charity TRAID said, ‘Protecting the environment by producing clothes sustainably is at the heart of Traidremade. Collaborations like these show that manufacturing high quality garments ethically is possible, providing inspiration for anyone interested in buying or making fashion sustainably.”

Olivia Hegarty, Percival designer added, ‘We are really excited by the opportunity to champion TRAID’s work to progress sustainable fashion through its label Traidremade. The project combines Percival’s skills with TRAID’s resources. We share a love of local manufacturing and waste reduction through good design. We’re proud of the collection and it’s been a joy to work with the TRAID team’

This collaboration launched at Percival’s Flagship store in Soho, on 9 October.

Now available from until stocks last #traidremade

Notes to editors

About Traidremade - Traidremade was founded in 2002 by Maria Chenoweth-Casey, CEO of the fashion reuse charity TRAID. The label launched to create sustainable clothes using up-cycling and customisation techniques to stop clothes from being thrown away. Today, Traidremade uses pre and post-consumer textile waste and surplus, including from luxury brands, and collaborates with designers to create clothes sustainably in the UK.

About Percival - As a project this season, Soho-based menswear brand Percival have collaborated with the charity Traid to make a special line of products in support of their work.  The mini-collection includes the Percival pea coat cut from meltons and cashmere camel, a selection of check shirts in soft brushed cotton, some outershirts in block colours and checks, slim-cut trousers in Percival's unique fit and fine wool unstructured slim-cut blazers.  All items are manufactured in the UK with reclaimed textiles donated to TRAID. The collaboration will combine Percival’s design expertise with Traid’s stock of donated fabrics to create unique pieces for fashion conscious ethical consumers. About Olivia Hegarty  Irish menswear designer, Olivia is one of the partners at Percival.  She has been working as a freelance designer through projects around Europe for the past ten years.  As well as designing and developing costumes for performance art and dance, she has contributed her own installation and textile-based artwork, exploring themes around sustainability, to group shows in the UK and Ireland.  The TRAIDremade collaboration is her first official foray into commercial womenswear design.

Q & A with designer Olivia Hegarty

What is the most important thing to you when creating a collection?

The most important thing for us in designing a Percival garment is to get the balance right between longevity and ‘now’-ness.  We create pieces that are intended to feel very special to the wearer and to last over time, while, however, avoiding the re-issuing of classic men’s styles.  The invention in our cuts and the choice of specially-sourced fabrics as well as our small production runs, go towards creating a unique item. 

What inspired you to collaborate with Traid?

When we visited TRAID’s warehouse, we were excited to discover the high quality of the fabrics that had been donated.  It made sense to match our design approach to TRAID’s resources.  By building quality and longevity into the design of a garment that is worn season after season, there should be a reduction in waste; using pre-consumer waste material in the first place extends the idea.

What is the key/hero style in the collection?

I think the cashmere camel pea coat is the hero of the Percival TRAIDremade collaboration.


Percival for Traidremade

Olivia Hegarty for Traidremade

Percival for Traidremade

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